Mouth Guards

Wearing a mouth guard is essential for protecting you from dental injuries when participating in potentially dangerous sports.

Dental injuries

Dental injuries like cut gums and cheeks, chipped, broken or knocked out teeth are common occurrences during sports like rugby, boxing, mixed martial arts, soccer and even recreational sports like cycling and rock climbing. In fact, any sport where contact with equipment, other players or falling is possible carries a risk of dental injury and in many sports wearing a mouth guard is compulsory.

But now you can see amazing results when you book your appointment for mouth guards with a professional dentist in Sandton!

A custom mouth guard made and fitted by your dentist, can reduce your risk of dental injuries during contact sports. Not just any mouth guard truly offers the promised benefits, wearing an appropriately custom made mouth guard, fitted by your dentist is vital.

A mouth guard should:

  • Be comfortable yet tight-fitting
  • Allow normal breathing and swallowing
  • Allow normal speech
  • Not cause gagging
  • Be odourless and tasteless
  • Be thick enough to provide protection against impact

The appearance of our mouth guards is also 100% customisable. Apart from being custom made according to your mouth, you can also choose the colour and design you want.

When you book your appointment at Dr Cerny’s professional clinic online, rest assured that you will get the best dental care and will be done in the shortest time possible.

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