Painless Dentistry

What would painless dentistry mean for you?

For most people, the sound of a drill and the thought of a needle in your cheek is enough to put off a dentist appointment for years.

However, the experience that you go through to fix your teeth doesn’t have to be awful.

At Dr Aleksandra Cerny’s practice in Fourways, the focus isn’t only on painless dental treatments, it is also on giving people a chance to afford their perfect smiles and on preventative dentistry

Although some people don’t go to the dentist because of the discomfort and pain they associate with dentistry, many people don’t go because it can really break your bank.

What makes Dr Cerny’s service the wise choice is that all the services are delivered at Medical Aid Rates +10%. Dr Cerny is contracted out. The account needs to be settled after service.

What would it do to your self confidence if you could get that Hollywood smile – without saving up for months? Contact Dr Cerny for a teeth whitening treatment.

"Good service at competitive pricing, and all this in Sandton!"
– Mr Terence Delaney, Bordoaux

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