Ozone Treatment

We offer the New Ozone Treatment!

Get the new dental breakthrough right here in Sandton!

Dr Aleksandra Cerny can deactivate 99% of all bacteria in your mouth by using the new Ozone treatment.

Let ozone gas treatment replace everything that you hate most at a dentist – injections, drillings and fillings!

This means that you will be halting the decay process that bacteria would’ve been able to cause in your mouth.

As a patient, you will also be equipped with a Patient Kit so that you can add the necessary minerals to your teeth without having to take time out of your busy schedule to make dentist appointments.

  • The complete remineralisation process will take between 4 and 12 weeks.

It is easy for a person to ignore messages about oral care, but this means that we risk leaving our teeth to depreciate until it becomes a huge problem.

By booking an appointment at Dr Cerny’s practice in Fourways, you are not only going to transform your smile, you are also making a serious investment to prevent big teeth problems later on in life.

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