Five good reasons why you should visit your dentist

Probably the most found reason why people don’t visit the dentist as often as they should is because of that childhood fear rooted in those chilly, sterile offices and all sorts of scary equipment lying around and that are supposed to go into your mouth. Don’t be ashamed of this as Dr. Cerny can assure it is not as frightening as it seems. However there are a multitude of reasons why you should visit your dentist more regularly than not.

  1. Any dentist would recommend that you visit the dentist at least every one to two years. The reason for this is to have tartar removed – mineralised plaque that can’t even be removed with the best brushing and flossing – especially in areas that are hard to reach.
  2. Generally cleaning is performed by the hygienist and very important to maintain previous cleaning and dental work done.
  3. If you had fillings done a long time ago it is best to visit the dentist as these might have deteriorated and doing so will prevent major dental emergencies in the future.
  4. Sometimes excessive and hard brushing, poor flossing habits and other oral hygiene problems can lead to problems with your gums, and if not treated early enough it could lead to periodontal disease at the very least with swollen gums, irritation and chronic halitosis as your best case scenario. Periodontal disease can ultimately lead to tooth loss. And the worst thing about this disease is it can develop without you even realising, so it is better to visit your dentist frequently.
  5. Not only does gum disease cause havock in your mouth but advanced research has indicated that gum disease can spread and harden the arteries of your neck which can ultimately lead to a stroke.

after reading this I hope you realise how important it is to visit your dentist frequently. Book your appointment with a specialized dentist in Johannesburg and achieve the perfect smile today!

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