Dental Surgery defined

Dental surgery can be defined as any number of medical procedures that involve artificially modifying dentition. There are a variety of dental surgery procedures and it is very important that you know what these surgeries entail before you decide to sit on the dental surgeon’s chair. Educate yourself on the dental surgeon’s history as well is his or her success rate with past dental surgeries. Below are listed the types of dental surgeries.

Endodontic Dental Surgery

This type of surgery involves the pulp or root of the tooth.

  • Root Canal
    • Pulpotomy is when the pulp chamber of the tooth is opened to allow an affection to drain.
    • Pulpectomy is performed to remove pulp from the pulp chamber that will temporary relieve the pain.
  • Apicoectomy is a root-end resection. Often a root canal is not sufficient to relieve the pain so the end of the tooth, called the apex, will be removed through entering the gingiva and extracting the diseased material.
  • Prosthodontic
    • Crowns (also known as caps) are an artificial covering for the tooth made of porcelain/ceramic metal composite, gold or a tin/aluminum mixture. During this procedure the underlying tooth needs to be reshaped.
    • Veneers are similar to the artificial coverings of crowns except they only cover the forward surface of the teeth.
    • Bridges are a set of two or more fused crowns used to bride a missing tooth and is generally used after an extraction.
    • Implants are when a base is set into the bone and after a couple of months an artificial tooth will be screwed into this base.
    • Dentures (false teeth) is a partial or complete set of dentition which are attached to the neighbouring teeth by using metal or plastic grasps or to the gingival or palatial surface through adhesion.

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