A guide to finding the right dentist in Johannesburg

Are you new in Johannesburg and looking for a dentist? Or maybe you are dissatisfied with your current dentist and looking for a new dentist. Whatever your reason to find a dentist in Johannesburg, you need to think carefully and take a few things into consideration when choosing a dentist for both you and your family. However finding a dentist that you like, who is professional and affordable, and one that fits your needs when it comes to scheduling and location can be quite difficult. Please take a look at the guideline below that will help you finding the right dentist in Johannesburg.

  • Word of Mouth. The best way to start is by talking to friends and family in the area. By talking to people you’ll get idea of what the dentist is like and how other people like him or her. If you are moving you could ask your current dentist to refer you to some dentists in the Johannesburg area.
  • Education. Once you have short-listed a couple of dentists in the area you have to find about the dentists’ education and experience. Make sure they are from an accredited dentist school and have the necessary experience. If you require specialist procedures find out if the dentist has received that kind of training and has working experience in that particular procedure.
  • Needs. Think about your personal needs. If you need dental surgery or want cosmetic dentistry done find a dentist that specialises in those fields and has the necessary experience for those types of procedures. If you have a child it might be best to look into a pediatric dentist that are well trained in making children feel at ease at the most-feared-doctor under children, and some adults too.
  • Hours and Scheduling. Consider a dentist whose office hours and scheduling are compatible with your schedule and working hours. Like most jobs in Johannesburg, office hours are strictly from eight to five. But luckily there are quite a few dentists that have adjusted their office hours to accommodate those of hundreds of people in Johannesburg. So make sure that both the dentist and your schedule are compatible.

Dr.Cerny is a dentist based in the heart of Johannesburg, Sandton, and has been practicing dentistry since she graduated in 1990 at Belgrade University. She focuses on painless and affordable dentistry and performs both dental surgery and cosmetic dentistry. Book your appointment with a specialized dentist in Johannesburg and achieve the perfect smile today!

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