Dentophobia: The importance of comfortable, painless dentistry

Dentophobia: The importance of comfortable, painless dentistry

For some, the idea of painless dentistry seems something of a dream. When many people think of visiting a dentist, all they can imagine is a scene filled with painful sharp needles, head-buzzing drills and blood-soaked tooth removals. It’s a scene of fear and horror, which is why there is actually a name for it: dentophobia. This is the fear of dentists and dental procedures, and it’s more common than you think.

Just how common is the fear of dentists?

The fear of dentists and dental procedures affects 75% of the US population. That’s quite a lot of people with such a fear. Between five and 10% of US people have full-blown dentophobia. There aren’t any official numbers in South Africa at the moment, but one can imagine based on these stats this is a fear that is quite common.

This fear only makes for more complicated and serious procedures down the road, because your oral health relies on regular trips to the dentist. If you’re avoiding the dentist out of fear, you’re paving the way for diseases such as gingivitis, and other complications such as cavities.

The solution is in the hands of dentists

Dentists themselves are the solution to this dentophobia. There are more and more practices offering painless dentistry procedures. These dentists understand the prevalence of this fear and want to offer their patients a comfortable experience. This will encourage everyone to visit their dentists regularly and keep serious oral illnesses at bay.

How to find a painless dentist

Word of mouth, online feedback and reviews will all inform you of painless dentistry practices in your area. Dentists are now proud to say that they offer this service, and they know their patients will spread the word. So when looking for a new dentist, look for the words “painless dentistry.” Chat to fellow patients in the waiting room. Chances are that they will be completely honest with you.

Quell your fear of dentists and make sure you get the dental and oral care you require. Contact us for comfortable, painless dentistry.

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