Dental implants from Dr. Cerny can help restore your confidence

Dental implants from Dr. Cerny can help restore your confidence

Dental implants are most often used to replace any damaged or ruptured teeth, and with the advances that have been made in dental technology, the implants can be made to look exactly like your real teeth.

When some people hear the phrase ‘dental implants’, they think of the large, clunky dentures that were so prevalent 50 years ago, but the implants available today are entirely natural looking and you won’t even be able to see the difference between them.

Your smile is a significant source of confidence and if you’ve got a chipped tooth or a missing tooth, it can greatly affect your self-esteem, resulting in you wanting to hide your smile rather than show it off. Dr. Cerny and her team are here to help by fitting you with a dental implant that will have you smiling again in no time.

How do dental implants work?

  • You’ll first need to have a consultation so that the dentist can evaluate your oral health. Ideal candidates for dental implants have healthy gums.
  • Your customised dental implant will be created out of titanium and placed either on top of the jaw or fixed into the jawbone
  • The framework of the dental implant is fused into the bone first, followed by adding the actual implant. These two steps do not occur at the same time; you’ll first need to heal from the framework being inserted.

Immediately after your procedure you may feel mild discomfort but this procedure has minimal downtime and you’ll be able to return to work or school within 24 hours. You’ll also be able to speak regularly and chew normally soon after the surgery.

For more information about dental implants or to book a consultation, please contact Dr. Cerny’s office today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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