Convenient, pain free and affordable dentistry in Johannesburg

Convenient, pain free and affordable dentistry in Johannesburg

If you have been searching for affordable dentistry in Johannesburg, then look no further than Dr. Aleksandra Cerny. With a mission to provide a comfortable environment and top quality dental services to both adults and children at competitive prices, Dr. Cerny is the perfect choice for you and your family.

Conveniently located in Fourways, Dr. Cerny brings her worldwide experience right to your doorstep and aims to cure the fear we all have when we hear the word ‘dentist’ by keeping her dentistry pain free.

How can affordable dentistry be pain free?

Dr. Cerny charges all her services at standard medical aid rates and provides a service known as Ozone Treatment which has recently become available in South Africa and is totally side-effect free.

This method is ideal for treating patients who have a dentist phobia as Ozone Treatment can be used for anything from simple disinfection of the mouth to root canal treatments and benefits of the treatment include forgoing the painful aspects of dentistry such as anaesthetic and drills.

This treatment will also help prevent the need for surgical procedures if used as a precautionary measure during dental check-ups. This is because it helps the teeth to retain their natural substances, making them more resilient to attacks and thus dramatically reducing the need for fillings.

Dr. Cerny addresses all dentistry needs from tooth whitening, to dental implants, to periodontology with a care and compassion for her patients that you will struggle to find elsewhere.

For convenient, pain free, affordable dentistry in Johannesburg with a difference, contact Dr. Cerny today!

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