What Is Sedation Dentistry? Is It For You?

Sedation dentistry is a type of dental care where you are sedated with medication before the dental procedure begins so you remain anxiety free and pain free. Sedation dentistry is perfect for people who have dental phobias or anxiety when visiting the dentist.

If fear of pain and dental work keeps you from visiting your dentist as often as you should, then sedation dentistry may be right for you. You can choose the level of sedation you need for your particular case. If you just need an exam or cleaning, the lightest level of sedation may be enough. For complex dental work, you can opt for deeper levels of sedation.

A nice side effect of sedation dentistry is that the medication also has an amnesic effect. That makes it seem like time spent in the dentist chair flies by. You should have little recollection of the procedure including any discomfort, sounds or smells that might usually trigger anxiety.

If you require extensive dental work, then sedation dentistry could be right for you. With deep levels of sedation, your dentist is able to perform much more work in one visit than he usually could. This means fewer visits to complete the job.

There are several types of drugs used in sedation dentistry. The type you receive is based upon the type of procedure you undergo and your medical history. Some of the drugs include nitrous oxide gas, Valium, Sonata, Vistaril and Halcion.

If you don’t want to be put to sleep, sedation dentistry is for you. If you need to be under anesthesia for your dental procedure, you must visit a dentist with operating room privileges at a local hospital or outpatient surgery center. You will be put to sleep just as you would for any other type of surgery.

Sedation dentistry does not put you to sleep. You will be able to respond to the dentist during the procedure. You will be awake but deeply relaxed. You will be constantly monitored throughout the procedure. Sedation dentistry is very safe.

If you are afraid of needles, then sedation dentistry will make your dental visit much more pleasant. The sedation medication is taken orally in pill form, placed under your tongue, or inhaled. Crushing the drug and placing it underneath your tongue allows it to be absorbed into your bloodstream quickly.

By the time your dental procedure is over, you should be able to walk out of the office. If not, you will remain in the waiting room until the drugs have worn off. You must not drive yourself home. You should have a companion with you to escort you home and monitor you for the rest of the day.

Sedation dentistry is safe and it allows your dental work to be completed faster. It relieves your anxiety and fears associated with dentists, needles, drills, and tooth pain. It makes it seem like your appointment speeds along and may even give you some amnesia for the event.

There are many reasons why sedation dentistry could be right for you. The only way to find out is to schedule an appointment with a sedation dentist near you and discuss your options in person. Sedation dentists are experts at dealing with dental phobias so you will be in good hands.

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