Ways to protect and prolong your teeth whitening – tips from a dentist in Fourways

Ways to protect and prolong your teeth whitening – tips from a dentist in Fourways

More and more people are investing in teeth whitening in Fourways thanks to new teeth whitening technologies that make it easy, convenient and affordable. However, you can’t have too many of these teeth whitening procedures performed in a too short a space of time. There are ways you can prolong the effects of your teeth whitening procedure and keep your teeth whiter for longer.

Whiter teeth can be achieved by making conscious, smart choices to steer clear of foods and drinks that stain as well as adopting healthy oral hygiene practices. Aside from prolonging the times between having your teeth whitened, you will also save money by going to the cosmetic dentist less frequently for touch ups. Aside from teeth whitening procedures there are also ways you can enhance and protect your teeth’s natural whiteness, here’s how:

  • Fluoride agents: You should get into the habit of avoiding drinking water with any fluoride or even using toothpaste which contains fluoride as it has been proven that fluoride can stain your teeth. In fact, there are a lot of countries which have banned fluoride in their drinking water due to the diseases which have been attributed to it.
  • Smoking: If you are a smoker it will have a negative effect on your teeth whitening. In this regard you can try and cut down on the amount of cigarettes you smoke or try to quite completely as smokers have a much more difficult time keeping their teeth white.
  • Coffees and teas: These are notorious for causing stained teeth. Ensure that you rinse your mouth with water after drinking either your coffee or tea in an effort to prolong your teeth whitening treatment.

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