Top teeth whitening myths debunked

Top teeth whitening myths debunked

As teeth whitening treatments have gained popularity among people, so have ridiculous and even dangerous myths. These myths have prevented many people from enjoying the many benefits that teeth whitening can offer them.

Along with the increase in popularity comes the he said, she said myths that accompany most things in life. Most of these myths are not based on facts and there are a few that carry any merit. Here are some of the most popular myths surrounding teeth whitening:

  • Teeth whitening procedures are always painful: This is certainly not the case. However, if you do suffer from sensitive teeth then the use of extremely strong teeth whitening applications might cause some sensitivity. Should this be the case, speak to your dentist beforehand to look for a teeth whitening treatment designed for sensitive teeth.
  • Veneers and fillings can be whitened: You won’t be able to whiten your own fillings or veneers. You will need to visit a qualified cosmetic dentist in order to have this performed properly.
  • Baking soda works well at whitening teeth: While baking soda will be able to remove some superficial staining on your teeth, it will not be able to whiten your teeth. You will need to visit a professional to achieve the desired effect you are after.
  • Teeth whitening can be performed at any age: This is not true – in fact it is not recommended to perform teeth whitening treatments on people under 18 years of age as this might affect their natural enamel.
  • Teeth whitening treatments will last forever: This is certainly not true, as there would be no need for teeth whitening treatments in the first place if this were the case. As you progress with age your teeth will become stained and it will affect its natural whiteness. Speak to your dentist about maintenance (such as avoiding curries, coffee and smoking) to make your teeth whitening last longer.

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