Sedation Dentist

There are many types of dentists. These include oral surgeons, endodontists, orthodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, pediatric dentists and sedation dentists. Each of these have their own specialization in dentistry. The sedation dentist specializes in sedation dentistry which is commonly given to people who are afraid of going to the dentist.

Because a sedation dentist works primarily with people who have dental phobias or anxiety, he must be trained in dealing with the emotional aspects of their fears. Many of these patients will need extensive dental work because their fears may have kept them from going to the dentist for years. Of all types of dentists, the sedation dentist is the one who specializes in caring for difficult patients.

A sedation dentist is specially trained to deliver oral sedation medications. He must understand how they work and the side effects they may cause. He must also be trained in how to properly monitor a patient who is sedated.

A sedation dentist works with drugs like Valium, Ativan, Vistaril, Versed, Sonata and Halcion. Some of these are short acting and others are long acting. Some provide sedation only and others provide sedation and amnesia effects. The sedation dentist must select the right drug to give each individual patient based upon the complexity and length of treatment.

Sedation dentistry is different from just using nitrous oxide during a procedure. All types of dentists can deliver numbing medications and nitrous oxide. A sedation dentist delivers those routine dental drugs also but in addition he is certified to administer oral sedation.

A sedation dentist does not typically deliver IV sedation that causes the patient to sleep through the procedure. That is mostly done by oral surgeons who perform actual surgical procedures on the teeth and mouth.

A patient who visits a sedation dentist is not put to sleep for his procedure. Instead, he is given medication which deeply relaxes him and may also provide an amnesia affect so that he barely remembers what happened and makes it seem like the procedure lasted just a few minutes.

Because he is relaxed and not put to sleep, the sedation dentist may also give the patient shots in the mouth to numb the area to be worked on. The shots are given after oral sedation has taken affect for the benefit of patients who have a fear of needles.

Many people experience anxiety when it is time to go to the dentist. For some people, the anxiety has become a phobia. These people usually put off going to the dentist and may even risk losing their teeth. They may suffer from poor dental health and toothache pain because of their fear. Thanks to the sedation dentist, these people can now get the dental care they need in a way that is as stress free as possible.

When choosing a sedation dentist, use the same methods you would use for choosing all types of dentists such as getting referrals from friends and comparing prices. With sedation dentistry it is important to make sure the dentist you choose has undergone oral sedation training and received certification for it through the American Dental Association.

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