Restorative Dentistry does not have to be painful – or costly

Restorative Dentistry does not have to be painful – or costly

Often we leave problematic and damaged teeth longer than we should – especially if going to the dentist is not high on your list of favourite pastimes.

We often just avoid restorative dentistry as we don’t want to experience the pain and discomfort that usually goes with tooth repair. Another problem is that it’s often just too expensive, especially if you don’t have a comprehensive medical plan.

Unfortunately, stained, crooked and missing teeth do make us self-conscious, especially as we get older. Just as having a complete set of white, straight teeth immediately boosts our confidence and gives us a good deal to smile about.

Restorative dentistry solutions

There are many restorative dentistry options available today – using things like porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges and ceramic on-lays. These are all options that are quick and relatively painless, yet can make a lasting impression and improve one’s looks and self-esteem.

For all you phobics – or even fear mongers – out there, here’s some really good news. There are dentists out there who specialise in pain-free and affordable dental care. And just like with computers and cell phones, there have been great technological strides in the field of dentistry.

For example, one such breakthrough is the ‘ozone’ dental treatment which is changing the way dentists work. Using a one-minute burst of ozone, all the bacteria that commonly cause tooth decay and infection are eliminated. The best part is that there’s need for drilling or anaesthetics so it’s all pain free. It’s also way simpler and inexpensive (far cheaper than fillings) and the new laser used is far more accurate than x-rays.

So don’t put off restorative dentistry. It is affordable, pain free and the whole process is much quicker than it used to be.

For those living in and around the bustling Fourways area in the busy northern suburbs of Johannesburg, expert restorative dentist, Dr Cerny now has a practice at Cedar Square. She’ll be happy to discuss how to brighten up your smile. Book an appointment to discuss restorative dentistry in Fourways.

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