Painless Dentist: The answer to your fears

Many of us associate a trip to the dentist with pain. Most people don’t even know that new, advanced treatments such as painless dentistry exist.

The association between “dentistry” and “pain” probably comes from our childhood visits where dentists didn’t have the advanced technology and local anaesthetic that they have today. Some people as so afraid of going to the dentist, that they use this fear as an excuse not to go. According to recent studies, half of American adults have anxiety over a dentist visit and one third refuse to go at all. Skipping regular visits the dentist could have serious consequences. Poor oral hygiene can lead to heart disease, stroke, infection and even some cancers.

Find a dentist that specialises in painless dentistry

The first step in ensuring that your visit to the dentist is a pleasure; is to find a professional that not only specialises in painless dentistry, but also makes you feel comfortable. Experts say that in order to avoid pain, one should choose a dentist carefully. People avoid going to the dentist not only because of pain, some hate the smell and others fear the sound of the dental equipment such as drills. If a doctor can sooth the fear during a consultation it will become easier for the patient to overcome his or her fear.

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