Guide to Finding the Right Family Dentist in Gauteng

Gauteng is growing fast. It is now the most populous province in South Africa as it has overtaken KwaZulu Natal. KwaZulu Natal’s population is 9.3 million people, while Gauteng has 9.5 million people. Moreover, it is projected that by 2015, the urban portion of Gauteng would have a projected population of 14.6 million people. If it reaches such a population, it will become one of the biggest cities in the world. With all this fast-paced development, can we still find a decent family dentist in Gauteng?

Of course, we can. Choosing a decent family dentist in Gauteng is easy but we need to follow some guidelines so we can get the right dentist in this developing province.

First of all, the primary requirement in looking for the right family dentist is to know some introductory information about the various fields of dentistry. By doing so, you will be able to understand more about the differences between each type of dental fields, thus making you more knowledgeable in your search for the right dentist. With that introductory information covered, you should then start looking for a general dentist.

General dentists have the license to check on dental problems and oral conditions. They can also develop treatment plans and provide special treatments. If it happens that a general dentist cannot perform a particular operation, this is the time where the general dentist refers you to a dentist that specializes on such operations. Other information to know before choosing a dentist is:

Find out how long a particular family dentist has been in practice. Information you need to know about this will range from the dentist’s training to his clinical experience. It is very important to remember that not all dentists are trained in every operation that pertains to the teeth. Some have specialized in cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers; while some are trained in restorative procedures such as dental crowns and dental fillings.

Furthermore, also know what kind of professional dental societies a particular dentist is part of. Some of these societies require their family dentist members to continue taking classes in order for them to be updated on modern procedures and technological advances.

Also ask about the emergency services that a dentist is offering. It is important to know if dentists are available on weekends, after hours and holidays.

Likewise ask about patient amenities such as heating pads or music. Ask about patient comforts such as pre-medication or nitrous oxide. You may also inquire about alternative tools such as dental lasers, as alternative equipment to traditional dental tools such as scalpels and tooth drilling.

Then always determine the costs of dental treatments. Dental costs should include procedure fees, anesthesia expenses, and facility fees. If you and your family have dental insurance, talk about this with your dentist.

Lastly, find out if the dentist clinic is located near you as this will be very important especially in times when you or your family will be required to have multiple visits. You also need to know if the dental team is courteous and friendly or not. Being uncomfortable with the dental team may affect your chances of coming back for your follow-up visits.

Once you and your family have chosen the right family dentist, do still continue to evaluate your dentist during the first visit and most especially for the subsequent ones.

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