Five Questions to ask a Potential Dentist in Fourways

Five Questions to ask a Potential Dentist in Fourways

The selection of a new dentist in Fourways can be a painful (pardon the pun) experience. Especially if you have had a long-standing relationship with a dentist in the past and felt comfortable, had conquered those pre-dentist jitters and been pretty faithful about making and keeping appointments. Now, from a change in dental plans, a move or your dentist’s retirement, you suddenly have to find another.

The health and dental plan you have will have a list of all the dentists to choose from. If you have no dental coverage, then finding coverage may be the first step. Once you have that squared away, then you need to set up one or two free consultations and check the dentist, her staff and office out.

You need to make sure they have state of the art equipment, all the technicians and hygienists are current on training and the location of the office is convenient for you. Prepare a list of questions to ask the dentist and the staff, but here are five major ones:

  1. Disease and Infection prevention. Find out if they are up to the minute on infection control, and follow the necessary guidelines. Also, do they participate in a program for effective sterilizers?
  2. Staff Training. Make sure all the staff and specialists are involved in ong-oing training and current in CPR, nitrous oxide monitoring and X-ray technology.
  3. Insurance Plans. Make sure your insurance plan is accepted.
  4. Scheduling and Billing. Find out how much wait time is involved from scheduling to appointment, what the procedures are about cancelling and rescheduling and any fees that may be charged. Also find out about billing procedures to insurance and patient portions.
  5. Payment Plans. In case you need an expensive procedure and money is a problem, find out if the dentist has any dental financing institutions they work with and/or payment plans with their office.

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