Do’s and Don’ts of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone. The chances of such emergencies among children and people who play sports and there is quite high. Some people advise that wearing a mouth guard can reduce the risk of a dental injury manifold. However, there are times when an injury cannot be avoided and a dental emergency occurs. It is important to know what to do when there is a dental emergency so that you can avoid further complications.

What to do in a dental emergency?

  • For a bitten tongue or lip, clean the area and apply cold press to reduce the swelling. Rush to the clinic as you do so, especially if the bleeding does not stop.
  • Broken teeth can be handled by rinsing the mouth with warm water. Make sure that you do not swallow the broken part of the tooth by mistake.
  • If you have had a nasty fall and feel that your jaw may be broken, you should rush to the dental clinic immediately.

What not to do in a dental emergency?

  • Even though a broken tooth or a bitten lip causes pain, make sure not to take aspirin unless the dentist recommends it.
  • Treating the dental issue in a trivial manner may actually lead to a situation where the condition gets worse at a later date. Matters tackled immediately can be fixed better.

It is essential that you keep the dentist’s emergency number handy so that you can call any time of the day or night. Dr Cerny provides dental emergency services so that no one is left without help at any time. All that you need to know is that you can call in on the number provided at Dr Cerny. Before you start depending on Dr Cerny for all your dental emergency needs, you may want to get an appointment for a routine job so that you are comfortable turning to her in the time of need

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