Dentists in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Dentists in Johannesburg offer a wide variety of specialties from teeth bleaching, oral hygienists to pedodontists, endodontists and periodontists amongst many specialist fields. But if you’re looking for a dentist in Fourways that have the right credentials and professionalism, yet still offer their patients painless dentistry; then you have come to the right place. This article will tell you how you can find a good dentist in Johannesburg and also refers you to credible dentists in the area.

  1. Find out if there is a dental school in the area. Dental schools are a good resource for fine practicing dentists.
  2. Check for hospitals and health care centers in your area as they often provide dental services above the other medical services. The managing dentist at these facilities will be able to provide good recommendations.
  3. You can ask a local orthodontist or periodontist to recommend you to a good dentist in the area. One that they have worked with themselves.
  4. If you are moving to a new location you can ask your current dentist if he or she can refer you to a good dentist in the new area you’re moving to.

Once you have short listed a couple of dentists ask the following questions: What are the dentist’s office hours?

  • How do they handle emergency care both during and after office hours?
  • Will your medical aid cover the consultation or surgery if needed?
  • If you don’t have medical aid how will the payment structure work?

Even if you have narrowed down your selection process to one dentist you should continue your evaluation process at your first appointment.

  • Did the dentist take your dental and medical history?
  • Did the dentist explain any procedures or treatments that needed to be performed?
  • Were infection control procedures intact referring to gloves, masks, and sterilized equipment?
  • Were the office staff and dentist assistant professional and friendly?
  • Is the dentist’s office neat and orderly?
  • Did the dentist discuss preventative techniques with such as the correct manner of flossing?

These are all very important consideration to find the best dentist in Johannesburg and necessary evaluation questions during your first appointment. It will enable you to find the right dentist for your dental needs.

If you want your teeth whitened but are uncertain about the cost involved, knowing it might be a little too expensive; I can tell you it is not necessarily the case.

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