Benefits of Painless Dentistry

Dental phobia is a common condition, however, many individuals who are afraid of the dentist aren’t aware of painless dentistry. These individuals avoid making an appointment to visit the dentist because they are afraid that any dental procedure will cause them pain.

Likewise, some reluctant patients are terrified of getting a needle hence why they avoid most kinds of medical intervention.

Over the past two decades, there have been many advances in painless dentistry which will help alleviate a patient’s fear regarding painful dental treatments, and procedures.

Is Painless Dentistry Right for You?

There are different types of methods available that will result in painless dental procedures that will benefit both adults and children.

  • Fear of Needles. If you are fearful of needles, an oral sedative can be used throughout the dental procedure. An oral sedative will help the patient to relax while remaining fully awake and not render the patient unconscious. Painless dentistry is useful for a variety of dental procedures including crown fittings and dental implants.
  • Fear of Dental Procedures. For patients who have an elevated fear of the dentist and dental procedures, complete sedation may be necessary to perform the required procedure. With this method of painless dentistry, the patient is fully sedated and will awake with no recollection of the dental procedure being performed.
  • Noise Disturbances. For some patients, it is not the pain of the dental procedure that is frightening but rather the noise of the dental equipment being used or noise associated with the dental procedure itself such as cracking from a tooth removal. In this instance, an oral sedation may be just enough to relax and distract the patient from their fears. In extreme cases where the noise of the dental equipment is severe, full sedation may be an option.
  • Past Traumatic Experience. This is a common reason for dental phobia and can occur during childhood. Unfortunately, if a young child has a negative dental experience; it can affect their perception for the rest of their lives. In this case, painless dentistry is an excellent option to help heal these memories.

Painless dentistry is a viable option to help patients who suffer from dental phobia. Call Dr. Cerny to book your consultation.

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