Painless dentistry

Getting dental care without experiencing discomfort and distress used to something many of us wished for, now it is a reality. Pain free dentistry can be attributed to a number of new technologies, a skilled dentist, the proper sedation and numbing gels and more gentle procedures.

Get the dental care you need

Putting off seeing a dentist isn’t going to solve your problems, fill up your cavities or make your much-needed root canal procedure go away. Painless dental care can be done through the use of different types of sedation techniques that numb your nerve endings so that nothing is felt during your time spent at the dentist.

If you have a fear of needles, you will also be happy to learn that certain dentists can complete entire pain free dentistry procedures without the use of needles. Oral sedatives (that will not leave you unconscious as if you were under general anaesthesia) allow you to be fully awake and relaxed, without experiencing any of the pain commonly associated with dentistry. This type of dentistry can be done on practically all types of procedures, from cosmetic dentistry to crown fittings and dental implants.

Finding the right dentists in Johannesburg

Dentistry isn’t meant to be painful, but finding the right professional for the job is extremely important. If you have recently moved to Johannesburg and are looking for a new dentist or you are considering moving to a new dentist, book an appointment with Dr Cerny, a highly qualified Sandton dentist.

Dr Cerny is one of the Johannesburg dentists that specialises in pain free dentistry and, for most of her dental procedures, she expects a completely painless session. This type of dentistry can be done on both children and adults and ensures comfortable and effective dental results!

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