Painless Dentistry

Have you been putting off going to the dentist for years because you can’t stand the drilling and the needles?

Don’t let the idea of somebody grinding in your mouth cause you to have a less than perfect smile. Dr Cerny’s clinic focuses on providing painless dental treatments for clients. Dr Cerny is contracted out. The account needs to be settled after service.

The new Ozone Treatment – now available in South Africa!

Dr Cery’s clinic is in the leafy northern suburb of Johannesburg – Fourways. Many of our clients from Fourways, Kyalami and Sandton are looking for the new Ozone Treatment that has recently become available in South Africa.

How does HealOzone work in practice

  • Ozone deactivates 99% of all bacteria
  • Almost all of the acid produced by the bacteria is thereby neutralised
  • A reduction fluid neutralises the remaining acid and adds minerals and fluoride
  • It is now a neutral medium, enriched with minerals
  • Minerals continue to be added by regular use of Patient Kit
  • Complete remineralisation takes between 4 and 12 weeks
HealOzone – Ozone therapy

Indications Applications
Root canal treatment For disinfecting and drying the root canal; complete root canal treatment in a single session
Pit and fissure caries Significant successes in treating initial or frank fissure caries in practice
Root and cervical caries Valuable preservation of substance in areas particularly sensitive to pain
Orthodontics Reliable deisinfection and prevention; HealOxone keeps the area completely free of germs
Soft tissue treatment The germ-killing power of HealOzone is also effective here: Germs and viruses don’t stand a chance
Sensitivity Eliminates completely
Bleaching Auguments the bleaching process
Painless Dentistry: Pain-free and caries-free

  • No anaesthetic, no drilling and no pain – also perfect for treating phobic patients
  • No ailments following treatment
  • Considerably reduces the need for fillings
  • Maximum retention of healty tooth substance
  • The treated tooth is more resistant to caries attacks