Ozone Treatment

Bacteria and tooth decay – the new Ozone treatment can fix it!

Bacteria that causes tooth decay is found deep within the tooth structure. Removing these bacteria would usually mean amputating the infected area of the tooth (and there’s always the risk that infected areas could be left behind). A further concern would be that the fillings put into the tooth are not a permanent solution, on average they last between 6 months and a couple of years. Each time the filling is replaced, the filling has to be larger and more of the tooth is damaged. This downward spiral usually leads to expensive dental reconstruction…

Now the new ozone treatment is changing the way dentists work. All the bacteria that cause tooth decay and infection can be eliminated with a device that gives out a burst of ozone – and the best part is that it takes about 1 minute!

Benefits of the Ozone treatment

  • No drill is required
  • No injection of anaesthetics
  • The treatment is simple and inexpensive (much cheaper than fillings)
  • The laser used is more accurate than x-rays

What is the decay is deep and extensive?

Ozone dental treatment can still help you if you’ve left a decaying tooth or dental bacteria for too long. A dental drill might have to be used to abstract the enamel covering the decay, but air abrasion can also do this. Ozone will then sterilise the decayed area without having to remove a large area of the tooth. Even in very severe cases, Ozone can be used to save your tooth’s natural tissue. By using this treatment, damage to your teeth is limited.

Ozone can eliminate your teeth sensitivity

This breakthrough dental treatment can also be used to sterilise cavities, crowns or veneers before they are placed, making sure that you don’t have tooth sensitivity after the local anaesthetic wears off. An ozone treatment under 60 seconds can eliminate teeth sensitivity at the neck of the tooth.

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