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What people are saying...

Ari, Mozambique

It's Ari from Mozambique, I had a dental treatment with you last September, I meant to be coming on October but for some reason I couldn't. I'm coming on the following Thursday 13th November, and I would like to visit you again for BLEACHING and RESHAPING. I'd like to know if the sample is ready for reshaping.

I'm quite happy with the last treatment, I never had toothaches again or bleeding gums. THANK U VERY MUCH!

Best Regards,

Graeme Ortlieb, Midrand

I have been a patient of Dr. Cerny since 2010 and have found her very professional. She was patient with a particularly troublesome tooth and kept me informed at every step. She did not propose expensive treatments but allowed the teeth to settle before suggesting the next steps. She also laid out a long term plan for my dental work giving me a good view of future requirements. I have been very happy with Dr. Cerny.