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What people are saying...

Jennifer Siyanga, Midrand

The treatment I received was just first class, I’m one person who has always been afraid of dentists but for the very first time I received treatment without fear or pain! I would most certainly recommend Dr. Cerny for anything dental. Dr. Cerny is there to help right from the beginning without any trouble whatsoever.

Ari, Mozambique

It's Ari from Mozambique, I had a dental treatment with you last September, I meant to be coming on October but for some reason I couldn't. I'm coming on the following Thursday 13th November, and I would like to visit you again for BLEACHING and RESHAPING. I'd like to know if the sample is ready for reshaping.

I'm quite happy with the last treatment, I never had toothaches again or bleeding gums. THANK U VERY MUCH!

Best Regards,